The MH Advantage Sticker – Frequently Asked Questions

MH Advantage™ is a mortgage loan for manufactured homes that have certain features similar to traditional single-family homes, giving them strong curb appeal so they can fit seamlessly into the community. The benefits of MH Advantage financing include down payments as low as 3%, lower interest rates than most traditional manufactured home loans, and cancellable mortgage insurance that is the industry standard for 30-year fixed rate mortgages.

To help identify homes eligible for MH Advantage, Fannie Mae developed the “MH Advantage sticker.”

What is the MH Advantage sticker?

Where is the MH Advantage sticker located?

Does the sticker mean I qualify for MH Advantage?

Can I buy and place a home with the MH Advantage sticker on land I do NOT own?

Can I remove the MH Advantage sticker? What happens if it is removed or damaged?

Can the MH Advantage sticker be replaced?

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