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My name is Chantelle and recently I just completed a successful short sale. I lost my job in August 2009. I served as a Program Director and Coordinator of a nonprofit for their education sector. And you know I loved it. And unfortunately they lost their funding so there was my job. Here I am for the first time jobless and not knowing if you know today or tomorrow someone is going to come and put me out, because all I heard was foreclosure, you know foreclosure, foreclosure you know. I just felt like at that point oh my God I am getting ready to lose my house, you know, what am I going to do. I didnít have any friends who were going through the process or was opted to share that they were going through their process so I felt alone, I did. I felt isolated. I could not sleep, I could not function, I declined phone calls because typically it was the mortgage company or other persons wanting to help save my house. Honestly this particular process could mess up your credit you know can prevent you from being a home owner again you know and it can prevent you from you know living the American dream. So I contacted the realtor that was recommended to me. I felt like he was someone who I could I guess unload this burden because I couldnít talk to my friends because I was still embarrassed and for him to be able to answer all of my questions and to pat me on the back and say you know what you know you are successful because this is the first start admitting that this is what happened and I need some help. I think one of the most beneficial things from a short sale is the fact that your credit will not be as adversely affected to be able to file an extension and to have your lender work with you until a person purchases the house. Another good thing about a short sale is that you can also have a lawyer on your behalf, for your behalf to forgive the balance. For example, the person who purchased my house purchased it for a significantly lower amount than what I owed and that particular amount was forgiven and that was sort of amazing to feel like okay now the house has been sold, but here I am with this amazing debt or insurmountable amount of money that I still have to make payments on and to have that forgave, very-very-very refreshing. And I feel, I feel very, I feel burden-free almost because that particular amount of burden is very-very-very heavy, and now I definitely, I am better. I can rest, I donít have that fear. I donít have that anxiety, I donít have that feeling of you know this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I can give myself a pat on the back for not giving up and I encourage anyone you know to seek out help and do the research and not to give up, it's very important not to give up. Never ever-ever-ever give up. I am grateful that today almost one year later that I am smiling. And you know I am not fearful. Thatís how I feel.


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