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Hi, I am Kay and I just recently received a forbearance on my loan. I have been doing real estate for about 20 plus years The last few years the economic situation has changed and my income has gone down tremendously. So with that it became harder to make my mortgage payments I got in touch with HomeFree they are a nonprofit organization. The person I spoke to, she made me feel so much better because itís a little scary with my financial situation. I am a single mom, I have young children, I have an older mom that I have to deal with. Upon looking at my papers they gave me a forbearance which allows me to have a much lower payment each month which is much more comfortable. And I think the idea there is that because my income is not a regular job with a regular paycheck it changes all the time. So itís kind of giving me some breathing room to make some more money and that is very helpful for me right now. My mortgage payment which was just a little over $4000 has been dropped to $1900 a month which really helps me a lot. I am very optimistic, I could wake up one day and not have any real estate and then at the end of the day be selling a house so thatís how different my days can be. I am very happy that I have a job and that I am healthy and I am very happy for my life and my kids. I am happy that I have this forbearance to help me up out right now. There are lot of people that go to foreclosure and it can be definitely avoided if you speak up, get information sooner rather than later.

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