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My name is Linda. Two weeks ago my loan was modified. In 2005 I bought a house. And it was very exciting time for meÖI have never experienced living in my own home. I always had apartment . I had one year everything just broke, I mean everything from the stove to the drier to the heating and you know you have to have heat in your house when you have your mom whoís sick every time the interest rate go up and my loan would go up. I was worried all the time I lost my hair in the front. I was stressed. But no one knew what I was going through Cuz Iím always helping everyone else. So when it came to me for needing help I was afraid to ask for help because of my pride worried about what people might say and think about me so I went to church one Sunday and my pastor was talking about if you need help with your mortgage call your mortgage company. I was like okay, I am going to call them and I made an appointment with one of them and they told me bring in all your information and I was like oh my goodness they want my whole life history so I brought all the information in. The modification takes time. I was at home it was Saturday morning and I got a phone call Hi, this is your mortgage company I am calling you about your modification. It was approved and I was just so happy. I screamed, I jumped, I ran through the house, I kissed the dog, I just ran through the whole house and I was very, very, very thankful. Someone will help you, you keep working at it, you got to keep calling your mortgage company, you have to ask for help and go to the HOPE Hotline, I am just telling people who we are going through, when I am going through there is hope. You know there is hope. Iím living proof that you can get through this and you can save your home, sometimes you need to lean on people and it is nothing wrong with that.

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