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My name is Silko and I was just granted a Deed-in-Lieu. I was involved in I guess a serious divorce Courts said, ìHey look, you are going to be responsible for all the debts from the marriage.î Basically I had to take money out of my Thrift Savings Plan. Ended up having 8.4% first mortgage, 12.4% second mortgage and a tax that was not escrowed, and that means out of pocket, it would have to come out of my pocket at a cost of like $6000 a year. It was like okay your money has come to a halt. You know there is no more coming, you know where is it going to come from and what's the solution. After a few months you know you feel like you are not empowered anymore. You have a feeling of weakness. You know I am coming home wondering if there is going to be a sheriffís notice on my door and my furniture is going to be out on the stoop and all that kind of stuff. I was at church one Sunday and the pastor was talking to the congregation about you know the housing market and issues that we are facing as a community and he also brought out the fact that there is a counseling agency that helps home owners like myself to get through these difficult processes or whatever and I went there. I was ready to do anything to solve this and get out of this nightmare or whatever, and I went there and I visited them and she called the mortgage company, we sat down, we talked on a 3-way So my head is in my lap, you know I am fully, I am totally emotional. And then she goes and says well do you guys, can we go through straight to a Deed-in-Lieu and the answer to the question they said yes they are allowing you to walk away from the house scott free. I am like scott free, she said debt free. you are telling me that I am going to be debt free and it took a while for that to register, you know I am like wow . I said you know what, we can build new memories you know we can open-up a new chapter you know we would write a new story or whatever. Being debt free is like wow today did I hit the lottery I mean I can actually make my money work for me now instead of me working for the money you know. I have been empowered and you know I am just totally grateful. It's about empowering yourself and I think thatís the key to getting through this situation, You are not the only one going through it you know, as a matter of fact the whole nation is going through it. Tthese are tears of joy because I have my life back I am able to do the things I would say you know I am glad it's not too late for me and it's not too late for you.

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