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Sep 21, 2012

If this is your first visit to Know Your Options, welcome! Since its launch in 2010, KnowYourOptions.com has helped educate thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure. But after two years—and over a million visitors to the site— we’ve expanded and improved the site to provide more information, functionality, and resources.

What’s New?
We’ve added lots of helpful content on buying or renting a home. If you’re in the market to purchase, KnowYourOptions.com can guide you through the process. Or if you’re trying to decide if buying is right for you, or are looking to rent your first place, we can help too.

There’s also more content on refinancing, including details on HARP 2.0, one program specifically designed to help underwater homeowners.

What’s Improved?
We also made it easier to find out if you have a Fannie Mae loan—which is key to understanding what options may be available to you. Simply enter your information in the loan lookup tool, and we’ll be able to direct you to potential options as well as helpful information and resources. You can even make an appointment with one of our many Mortgage Help Centers directly from the site.

And if Fannie Mae does not own your loan, you’ll be directed to your lender or investor of your loan so you can get the help you need.

We’re Glad You Found Us
Fannie Mae is committed to helping the housing market recovery and promoting responsible homeownership. And KnowYourOptions.com was created with that goal. Whether you are looking to rent, buy, refinance or need help with your mortgage, you’ve come to right place.

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