The Smart Homes of the Future, Today

Dec 9, 2015

In the olden days—let’s think the 2000s—having touch-screen consoles and highly advanced security systems would cost the price of a car to have installed in a home.

Today it is a entirely different matter. At CEDIA’s “Future Home Experience” Expo in Dallas, technology today is not only smarter, but more affordable and user-friendly, too.

The CEDIA Expo showcased the latest in smart technology tailored for the home. From state-of-the-art home theaters to a mirror with a TV screen built inside of it, the CEDIA Expo was a technophile’s dream.

Today’s smart technology for the home—especially home lighting and security systems—can be controlled through a simple smartphone app. “In the past home automation systems were only meant for homes that were large and would cost tens of thousands of dollars to be able to outfit these homes,” says Brian Helt, business development leader for Interlogix, a company that specializes in residential and commercial security systems.

“The new technology of today allows for home automation to come into any home. It’s much more affordable, it’s done over Wi-Fi or Z-Wave technologies, so you can have a hub in a home that not only controls security, but also your lights, your locks, and your thermostats,” adds Helt.

In this video The Home Story gives you an inside look at some of the new technologies unveiled at the CEDIA Expo to make the everyday home smarter than ever.

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