Meet Andrea. Mortgage (re)modified in 2013.

‘Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Lots of people, especially in Florida, are struggling. Make the calls, and get the help you need.’


There are three foreclosed homes on the same block in Palm Coast, Florida, where Andrea lives with her husband and three school-aged children. Their home was nearly the fourth.

They purchased the home in 2006, when Andrea’s husband was employed in the construction industry. When Florida’s housing market dropped suddenly in 2009, he lost his job, and the couple struggled to keep up with bills on just Andrea’s salary.

They approached their mortgage company about a modification, and successfully lowered the interest rate on their 30-year loan. “But even at that amount, we could not make ends meet,” recalls Andrea.

Andrea asked the mortgage company about a second modification but was denied. “They said there was nothing more they could do and recommended a Short Sale.”

Andrea wasn’t satisfied with that, especially since her husband was now working and their income was higher. She contacted Fannie Mae (the owner of her mortgage) through our website. “Fannie Mae representatives listened with concern and I was able to trust them,” she says.

A Fannie Mae representative worked with the lender to modify the mortgage to a lower interest rate, making the payment more affordable.

During a trial period plan the couple is paying $1,014/month. The mortgage company may adjust that amount when the modification becomes permanent.

Andrea’s advice? Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Lots of people, especially in Florida, are struggling. “Make the calls, and get the help you need.”

Previous Interest Previous Payment

Monthly Savings

5.75% $1,383
Trial Mod Interest Trial Mod Payment
4% $1,014
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