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4 Things to Know About Subletting

Aug 12 2015

Life, as it goes, can come at you fast. If you’re renting an apartment and you suddenly and unexpectedly need to move to a different city or country for a new job well before your lease expires, getting out of that lease can be complicated.

You can keep the apartment and move into a new one, thereby paying two rents in all. You can negotiate with your landlord to break your lease (sometimes at a price). Then there is subleasing, where you agree to rent out your apartment to a person for a period of time—be it for a few months or for the duration of the lease—in exchange for rent.

But subleasing your rental home can be a legally precarious situation. Your landlord may not allow it. If subletting is permitted in your lease, your subtenant could skimp out on paying rent, leaving you with the financial burden of having to pay it for him.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering subleasing your apartment.

1. Read Your Lease

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