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Are Housing ‘Pros’ Too Old for Millennial Buyers?

Dec 21 2015

A consistent theme in housing market discussions is Millennials. Real estate “pros” are asking what it takes to get this age group (18- to 34-year-olds) to buy homes. Part of the chatter focuses on those staffing industries relevant to housing.

Kevin Crichton, president of E Mortgage LLC, is talking about the need for Millennials in the mortgage industry. Pointing out the average age of a mortgage originator is 54, Crichton argues the mortgage industry needs to focus now on Millennial recruitment.

“By 2020, millennials will comprise roughly 40 percent of the employment force. Taking the time to recruit, attract, train, and nurture this unbelievably deep and talented resource (Millennials) should be at the top of the priority list of every mortgage business’s CEO,” Crichton writes.

Crichton lists seven areas of focus for companies trying to hire Millennials:

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