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Can a Smart Home Be Too Smart?

Dec 14 2015

Not so long ago, smart home features like automated lighting systems, remote-controlled thermostats, and “The Clapper” counted as relatively exotic technologies.

Today’s homeowners can choose from hundreds if not thousands of options that do more than just close a garage door. There are thermostats that can be controlled through a smartphone app, LED light bulbs that can change different colors, and a pot that self-waters plants. And the pace of new technology gets faster and faster each day.

The biggest challenge is to sort through the sea of smart technology and find what offers the most meaningful improvements in a homeowner’s daily routine, says Michael Izatt, co-founder of One Button, a Brooklyn-based firm specializing in integration of smart home technologies.

“There’s a tendency in [the smart home] industry to say, the more cool stuff you can do, the better,” he explains.

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