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Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions for Senior Citizens

Aug 7 2015

Dogs of all types can make great companions, and can provide a boost to their owners’ emotional well-being with their loving and exuberant personalities.

However, some breeds, such as German shepherds, require more regular exercise and training than others, making them more suitable to owners who can commit time and effort to exercising and training their dogs. Other breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers, will only need a short daily walk and can adapt to living in smaller spaces.

What’s most important, say experts, is to make sure you have enough time to care for a dog and, since some breeds can live 12-15 years, a contingency plan if you are suddenly forced to move and can’t take your dog.

With that in mind, here are recommendations of good breeds for senior dog owners from an article written by Jon Bastian that appears on “Cesar’s Way,” the website of Cesar Milan, a best-selling author, star of “Cesar 911,” and the original, Emmy-nominated host of the “Dog Whisperer” program.

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