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Finally, I am a Homeowner!

Nov 20 2015

It’s official. I am a homeowner! After an 11-month journey, I finally signed those papers.

Let’s rewind a few weeks…

Once I received my closing date, I began to quickly run down my to-do list. I finalized my moving company, my parents’ travel plans, and booked my move with both of my buildings. With a new construction building, most of the owners are closing and moving in at the same time, so booking the dock for my movers was a priority. I was planning to move immediately following a three-day holiday weekend and take the week off work to get settled.

As I was told by many people, mortgage closings get delayed regularly. And that is exactly what happened. It was delayed and rescheduled three times in a week! It was insanely stressful. With the approaching holiday, I would have to change all of my plans. I added a week or so of padding to my schedule to ensure that any minor delays wouldn’t affect my plans, but that was quickly eaten away. I was living in a sea of boxes, my parents were scheduled to fly across country to help with my move, and rescheduling my movers during such a busy moving season was becoming an issue as well.

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