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Is it really better to list a home in the spring?

Jan 11 2017

If home sellers are worried that listing their house in the winter will leave them out in the cold, they can take heart. An analysis by Redfin of housing data for 7 million homes listed across 23 metros from 2012 through August 2016 shows some benefits to listing in the winter.

Even if all real estate is local, many consider spring and summer as popular times for the housing market, with families who want to move between school years and the potentially sunnier weather encouraging some to house hunt. But does that mean a homeowner could more quickly fetch a higher price from eager bidders?

The national real estate brokerage tallied how many homes went under contract within 30 days and how often they sold for more than their list price to see if any of the four seasons came out on top. The company found that spring has a slight edge for sellers, “but just barely.”

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