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Living in a Home with History

Oct 14 2015

A historic home “gives you something modern homes just can’t give,” says Brad Brown.

He should know — the Brunswick, GA, resident has lived in an 1875 Craftsman-style house for the past 25 years.

“I’ve always loved historic structures,” Brown says of his decision to purchase the three-bedroom, two-bath house, where he lives with his wife and 15-year-old son. “The rooms are bigger; the ceilings are higher,” he adds. Then there’s the carpentry and the architectural flair, and the moldings and casements. “Something you just can’t replicate in today’s construction,” he explains.

These homes aren’t for everyone, of course. For one thing, it helps to be handy, Brown says, noting that upon moving in he did a complete renovation that took roughly a year.

“We restored everything that we could and tried our best to mimic the items that needed to be replaced, going down to the salvage facilities to find parts,” he recalls.

But if Brown’s Brunswick neighborhood — in the Georgia port city’s historic district — is any indication, there’s abundant interest in taking on such projects.

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