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Living in a Tree House: Not Just Child’s Play

Sep 23 2015

After close to two decades of constructing tree houses for other people, Michael Garnier decided it was time he had one of his own.

And so, eight years ago, the Takilma, OR-based builder and owner of the Treesort, a 36-acre tree house resort just outside the Siskiyou National Forest, built a three-story, 1,800-square-foot home perched amid a grove of white oaks.

“It’s a full-on house up in the trees,” Garnier says. He’s not kidding. The spot comes complete with comforts like plumbing, electricity, and a spiral staircase winding up the trunk of its center support.

Full-time tree house dwellers like Garnier are still something of a rarity. But, he says, customer demand has been growing steadily as more and more people take to living in midair.

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