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The Neighborhood Haunt Next Door: Living Near Graveyards

Oct 28 2015

Baltimore real estate agent Lynn Ikle was showing a property to a prospective buyer. Things looked promising — lush landscaping and a backyard pool — until they explored far back into the property, behind the pool, and came across a cemetery.

“Ew,” the client said.

“We left that property, and they bought a different home,” remembers Ikle.

From small family burial plots on historic properties to cemeteries woven into the cultural fabric of many of America’s biggest cities, there are plenty of areas where people can live among the dead.

A 2013 study by real estate agency Redfin found that while properties with headstone-related considerations might spend a longer time than average on the market, home sales weren’t adversely affected. Interestingly enough, the homes closest to the graveyards sold for more on average (per square foot) than those farther away.

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