Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Many state and local housing authorities offer financing programs that can assist you with the down payment and purchase of your new home. The government’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides homebuyer funds through special financing programs.


Fannie Mae supports these public funds programs and offer additional assistance to the homebuyers and public entities (i.e., non-profit agencies) purchasing a HomePath property (Fannie Mae-owned). Some benefits include:

  • $500 Earnest money requirement for individuals using NSP funds. Fannie Mae waives the earnest money requirement.
  • Once an offer using NSP funds is accepted, buyers have the opportunity to renegotiate after receiving an NSP required Uniform Residential Appraisal value for the property.
  • The standard closing period for a public funds offer is 45 days, which allows time to fulfill the NSP requirements for funding.
  • Buyers using public funds to purchase a home without competition from investors during the First Look marketing period (typically the first 15 days on the market).
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